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The books listed below are those of which we know exist that deal with some aspect of praise & worship in the Church.

Worship & Worship Leading

  • 101 Hymn Stories - Kenneth W. Osbeck
    Kregel Publications (April 1982)
    ISBN: 0825434165

  • 101 More Hymn Stories - Kenneth W. Osbeck
    Kregel Publications (February 1985)
    ISBN: 0825434203

  • A Heart of Worship - LaMar Boschman
    Creation House Publishing (June 1994)
    ISBN: 0884193594
    • **** (Doug Hanley)
      Good Solid starting point. Covers historical and specific practices. A solid addition to your library.
    • **** (Timo Jaakkimainen)
      A great look at worship. Focuses primarily on charismatic worship; not much on liturgical worship today.

  • A Worship-Filled Life: Making Worship a Way of Life Rather Than Just a Manner of Expression - Marcos Witt
    Creation House (October 1998)
    ISBN 0884195430

  • An Anthology of Articles on Restoring Praise and Worship to the Church - David K. Blomgren et. al. (editors)
    Destiny Image (June 1991)
    ISBN: 0938612409
    • *** (Timo Jaakkimainen) Articles from different worship leaders. Some really interesting stuff, but much seems similar (later articles sound mostly like previous ones).

  • Audience of One - Jeremy Sinnott
    Destiny Image, Inc. (January 1999)
    ISBN: 0768420148

  • Before the Throne : A Comprehensive Guide to the Importance and Practice of Worship - R.T. Kendall
    Broadman & Holman Publishers (July 1993)
    ISBN: 080545358X

  • Desiring God : Meditations of a Christian Hedonist - John Piper
    Multnomah Publishers Inc. (10th anniv. edition, April 1996)
    ISBN: 0880708697

  • Developing an Effective Worship Ministry- Tom Kraeuter
    Emerald Books (January 1999)
    ISBN: 1883002052

  • Engaging With God: A Biblical Theology of Worship - David Peterson
    Eerdmans, William B. Publishing Company (March 1993)
    ISBN: 0802806899

  • Entering His Presence - Don McMinn
    Bridge-Logos Publishers (November 1993)
    ISBN: 088270608X
    • **** (Olive Knight)
      Based on scripture, liberally quoted. Very practical.

  • Extravagant Worship - Darlene Zschech
    Bethany House (2002)
    ISBN: 0764227513

  • Exploring Worship : A Practical Guide to Praise & Worship - Bob Sorge
    Oasis Press (April 1987)
    ISBN: 0962118516
    • ***** (Timo Jaakkimainen)
      An excellent book which covers most areas of praise and worship. It also features a great section on each person in the worship team. Clear, articulate, concise. Highly recommended.

  • For The Audience of One - Mike Pilavachi with Craig Borlase
    Hodder & Stoughton (1999)
    ISBN: 0340721901
    • *** (Timo Jaakkimainen)
      A laid-back discussion and presentation of topics and themes relating to worship in our personal lives.

  • Future Worship : How a Changing World Can Enter God's Presence in the New Millennium - Lamar Boschman, C. Peter Wagner, Judson Cornwall
    Gospel Light Publications (June 1999)
    ISBN: 0830724214

  • Glory : Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven - Ruth Ward Heflin
    Mc Dougal Publishing Company (September 1996)
    ISBN: 1884369006

  • Handbook for Multi-Sensory Worship - Kim Miller, Ginghamsburg Church Worship Team
    Abingdon Press (October 1999)
    ISBN: 0687068606

  • In This Sanctuary - Twila Paris, Robert E. Webber
    Star Song Publishing (1993)

  • Keys to Becoming an Effective Worship Leader - Tom Kraeuter
    Emerald Books (March 1995)
    ISBN: 1883002060
    • **** (Doug Hanley)
      A Solid reference. Lots of practical leading advice, some music theory relevant to Worship leading.

  • Learning to Worship As a Way of Life - Graham Kendrick
    Bethany House Publishers (1984) (out of print)
    ISBN: 0871238632

  • Let Us Praise - Judson Cornwall
    Logos Associates (January 1980)
    ISBN: 0882700391

  • Let Us Worship - Judson Cornwall
    Bridge-Logos Publishers (June 1983)
    ISBN: 0882705423

  • Lifting Him Up - Ron Kenoly, Dick Bernal
    Creation House (April 1996)
    ISBN: 0884194035

  • Mission Driven Worship: Helping Your Changing Church Celebrate God - Handt Hanson
    Group Publishing Inc. (June 2001)
    ISBN: 0764423479
    • ***** (Amelia Kleymann) Amazing and applicable, Hanson commuincates what worship will need to become if we shift from the thought of our church as an organization to a living organism. Shift from being the church "Music Department" to being a cell group - a community that meets needs within your congregation and community. A MUST HAVE - complete with outlines, examples and discussion questions (at the end of each chapter) this book will revolutionize the way you view your music ministry.

  • More Things They Didn't Teach Me in Worship Leading School - Tom Kraeuter (editor)
    Ywam Publishing (November 1998)
    ISBN: 1883002672
    • *** (Timo Jaakkimainen)
      More enjoyable articles from different popular worship leaders of today. Again, a mixture of humorous tales as well as insightful commentaries. Sequel of sorts to "Things They Didn't ..."

  • Music Through The Eyes of Faith - Harold M. Best
    Harper San Francisco (March 1993)
    ISBN: 0060608625

  • Music Ministry - Mike & Vivien Hibbert
    Concorde Distributors (1982)

  • Prophetic Worship - Vivien Hibbert
    Cuington Press (1999)
    ISBN: 1-892976-03-X
    • ***** (Rebecca Walden)
      This book is the best I have ever read on the subject of prophetic worship. All Pastors and church music ministers should read this book. This teaching opens the door for every believer, church and denomination to enter greater depths of worship.

  • Psalm Hymns and Spiritual Songs: What the Bible Says About Music - Donald Thiessen
    Cornerstone Press Chicago (1994)
    ISBN: 0940895064
    • **** (David King)
      Thiessen has found every single verse about music in the Bible, and has compiled them into this book. For worship leaders, this can be very helpful in studying "why you do what you do." Musicians may find the book helpful as well, as it quickly points to the uses of music, instruments, etc. as given in the Bible. My only negative comment is that, in including every "musical" term in the Bible, Thiessen has also included a word or two that, though a possibly musical term, is not meant as one in context. For example, Luke 24:44 and Acts 1:20, 13:33, 35 use the word "Psalms" - referring to the "book of Psalms," rather than as a type of "song." These were the only two I found.

  • Putting God in His Place - David R. Mains
    Mainstay Church Resources (June 1997)
    ISBN: 156233252X
    • *** (Timo Jaakkimainen)
      Supposed to be used in conjunction with WE WILL GLORIFY devotional. Simple, but somewhat helpful.

  • Return to Worship : Letters to the Church - Ron Owens
    Broadman & Holman Publishers (June 1999)
    ISBN: 0805418881

  • The Rebirth of Music - LaMar Boschman
    Destiny Image (May 1992)
    ISBN: 0914903802
    • ** (Timo Jaakkimainen)
      I found little that interested me and thought that his arguments and presentation was lacking in many ways. Only real positive was the concise list of Scripture references to worship (appendix).

  • The Heart of Praise - Jack W. Hayford
    Gospel Light Publications (February 1997)
    ISBN: 0830716092

  • The New Worship : Straight Talk on Music and the Church - Barry Liesch
    Baker Book House (April 1996)
    ISBN: 0801090016

  • The Power of Praise & Worship - Terry Law
    Victory House, Inc. (February 1985)
    ISBN: 0932081010

  • The Responsibility of the Christian Musician - Glenn Kaiser
    Cornerstone Press Chicago (December 1995)
    ISBN: 0940895226
    • **** (Doug Hanley)
      This book is a need read for anyone in music ministry, feels called to music ministry, or the like. It breaks down accountability and responsibilty into four categories: To God, To your family, to the church (local and abroad), and to the unsaved. Often we don't think in clear cut terms. Musicians get a primadonna attitude. We need to be in proper submission to our leaders and family members as is appropriate. This short book will challenge you.

  • The Singing God: Discover the Joy of Being Enjoyed by God - Sam Storms, Mike Bickle
    Creation House (January 1998)
    ISBN: 0884195376
    • ***** (Chris Shirley)
      I read this book and was moved to a deeper level of appreciation for the presence of God in worship, and in my daily life. Knowing that He is a loving & SINGING God is an awe-inspiring thing. Dr. Storms asks several times in the book, "Do you hear Him singing now?" It makes the reader listen more for the Lord. A must read for those whose heart is toward worship.

  • The Worship Leader's Handbook : Practical Answers to Tough Questions - Tom Kraeuter
    Emerald Books (January 1999)
    ISBN: 1883002419

  • Things They Didn't Teach Me in Worship Leading School - Tom Kraeuter (editor)
    Emerald Books (August 1995)
    ISBN: 1883002311
    • *** (Timo Jaakkimainen)
      Enjoyable articles written by many different contemporary worship leaders. Some are funny stories and experiences while others are informative and thoughtful write-ups.

  • Towards Excellence - Rod Best
    Best Music & Worship Resources (1998)
    ISBN: 0957765118
    • ***** (Rod Best)
      It is a book that will assist you in taking your worship team to a new level of excellence. This is 173 pages that are designed to help worship leaders, pastors, music ministers, vocal directors and those on a worship team to improve there skill in leading God's people in praise and worship. It covers arranging for band and vocals, running effective rehearsals, devotions, tips for musicians, singers and worship leaders, basic theory for singers and musicians, devotions for your team and much more.

  • True Worship : Reclaiming the Wonder & Majesty - Don Hustad
    Harold Shaw Publishers (August 1998)
    ISBN: 0877888388

  • We Will Glorify - David R. Mains
    The Chapel of the Air Ministries, Inc. (1994)
    • ** (Timo Jaakkimainen)
      Devotional. Meant to be used in conjunction with the book PUTTING GOD IN HIS PLACE. Leads reader through 4 weeks of practical devotions on becoming a better worshipper. Simple, plain but possibly worthwhile for beginners, _real_ beginners.

  • Whatever Happened to Worship - A.W. Tozer
    Christian Publications (June 1985)
    ISBN: 0875093671
    • **** (Timo Jaakkimainen)
      Text from a series of sermons by noted minister A.W. Tozer. Powerful, yet easy to understand and follow, Tozer brings some nice spiritual depth to the topic of worship.

  • Worship As David Lived It - Judson Cornwall
    Destiny Image (June 1990)
    ISBN: 1560437006

  • Worship As Jesus Taught It - Judson Cornwall
    Victory House Publishers (1987)
    ISBN: 0932081169
    • ***** (Doug Hanley)
      Get this book! This is a great book for understanding why and how to worship.

  • Worship God!: Exploring the Dynamics of Psalmic Worship - Ernest B. Gentile
    City Bible Publishing (February 1995)
    ISBN: 0914936069

  • Worship in Spirit and Truth - John M. Frame
    Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing Company (April 1996)
    ISBN: 0875522424

  • Worship Is A Verb - Robert E. Webber
    Hendrickson Publishers, Inc. (2nd edition, September 1996)
    ISBN: 1565632427

  • Worship His Majesty - Jack W. Hayford
    Word Books (May 1994)
    ISBN: 0849935660

  • Worship Is...What?! - Tom Kraeuter
    Emerald Books (August 1996)
    ISBN: 1883002389

  • Worship Old and New - Robert E. Webber
    Zondervan Publishing House (Revised edition, December 1994)
    ISBN: 0310479908

  • Worship Team Handbook - Alison Siewert (editor), Andy Crouch, Matt Frazier, Sundee Frazier
    Intervarsity Press (January 1999)
    ISBN: 0830819436

  • Worship: The Pattern of Things in Heaven - Joseph Garlington
    Destiny Image (November 1997)
    ISBN: 1560431954

    Worship & Evangelism

  • Contemporary Worship for the Twenty First Century: Worship or Evangelism? - Daniel T. Benedict, Craig Kennet Miller
    Discipleship Resources (February 1994)
    ISBN: 0881771384
    • **** (Charles Wolff)
      Provides a good summary of types of worship services, how to choose among them, how to start them in your church, how to organize/ lead contemporary worship. Several sample worship services are presented. Written from a fairly liturgical (Methodist) viewpoint, so there's a lot of comment about how the music serves as the liturgy in a contemporary service. One thing I liked - they understood that it's possible to use contemporary music in worship without making the service a form of evangelism - accepts the idea that you can have contemporary _worship_. Good explanation of the term "seeker" and a lot of thoughts about the types of people who come to church, what they're looking for, what we ought to be providing for them. This book does a good job of presenting lots of information; it doesn't try to be overly "inspirational". Includes some thought/ discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

  • How Does Worship Evangelize? - Gordon W. Lathrop (editor)
    Augsburg Fortress Publishers (September 1996)
    ISBN: 0806628006

  • Liturgical Evangelism: Worship As Outreach & Nurture - Robert E. Webber
    Morehouse Publishing (September 1992)
    ISBN: 0819215961

  • The Witness of the Worshiping Community : Liturgy and the Practice of Evangelism - Frank C. Senn
    Paulist Press (March 1993)
    ISBN: 0809133687

  • Welcoming the Stranger: A Public Theology of Worship and Evangelism - Patrick R. Keifert
    Fortress Press (June 1992)
    ISBN: 0800624920

  • Worship Evangelism - Sally Morgenthaler
    Zondervan Publishing House (January 1, 1999)
    ISBN: 031022649X

  • Worship and Evangelism in Pre-Christendom - Alan Kreider
    The Laing Lecture, London Bible College (February 22, 1994)
    ISBN: ?

    Worship & Children

  • 52 Arrival Activities For Children's Choirs - Ginger Wyrick
    Abingdon Press (1999)
    ISBN: 0687073138

  • A Children's Guide to Worship - Ruth L. Boling, Muzzy Vance Boiling, Lauren J. Muzzy, Laurie Vance
    Westminster John Knox Press (November 1997)
    ISBN: 0664500153

  • Building the Youth Choir: Training and Motivating Teenage Singers - John Yarrington
    Augsburg Fortress Publishers (February 1990)
    ISBN: 080662454X

  • Children Sing His Praise: A Handbook for Children's Choir Directors - Donald Rotermund (editor)
    Concordia Publishing House (January 1986)
    ISBN: 057001333X

  • Hearts and Hands and Voices - Sue Ellen Page
    H.T. FitzSimons Company (div. of Fred Bock Company) (1995)
    ISBN: 09646555209

  • Hymn Stories for Children: Resources for Children's Worship - Phyllis Vos Wezeman, Anna L. Liechty
    Kregel Publications (March 1995)
    ISBN: 082544022X

  • Hymn Stories for Children: Special Days & Holidays - Phyllis Vos Wezeman, Anna L. Liechty
    Kregel Publications (September 1994)
    ISBN: 082544019X

  • Hymn Stories for Children: The Advent Season - Phyllis Vos Wezeman, Anna L. Liechty
    Kregel Publications (September 1997)
    ISBN: 0825439663

  • Hymn Stories for Children: The Apostles' Creed - Phyllis Vos Wezeman, Anna L. Liechty
    Kregel Publications (November 1995)
    ISBN: 082543985X

  • Hymn Stories for Children: The Lord's Prayer - Phyllis Vos Wezeman, Anna L. Liechty
    Kregel Publications (May 1996)
    ISBN: 0825439582

  • Hymn Stories for Children: The Ten Commandments - Phyllis Vos Wezeman, Anna L. Liechty
    Kregel Publications (April 1996)
    ISBN: 0825439590

  • Including Children in Worship: A Planning Guide for Congregations - Elizabeth J. Sandell
    Augsburg Fortress Publishers (June 1991)
    ISBN: 0806625449

  • No Experience Necessary!: A "Learn by Doing" Guide for Creating Children's Worship - Elaine Clanton Harpine
    Meriwether Publishing (September 1992)
    ISBN: 091626078X

  • Working With the Adolescent Voice - John M. Cooksey
    Concordia Publishing House (1992)
    ISBN: 0570013445

    Worship & The Arts

  • Celebration: Banners, Dance, & Holiness in Worship - Lora Allison
    Celebration Ministries (January 1995)
    ISBN: 0963128426

  • Create a Drama Ministry: Play Production for Fellowship and Outreach - Paul M. Miller, Dan Dunlop
    Lillenas Publishing Company
    ISBN: ?

  • Dance, Dance, Dance - Lynn Hayden
    Dancing for Him Ministries
    • **** (Lori Mroz)
      A comprehensive compilation of English, Hebrew and Greek words that relate to dance or movement throughout the Bible, along with the scriptures written out. It is important for any one who is called to the dance ministry, especially, to have a greater understanding of what we are doing when we dance before the Lord.

  • Developing a Drama Group - Lambs Players Staff
    World Wide Publications
    ISBN: ?

  • Producing & Directing Drama for the Church - Robert M. Rucker
    Nazarene Publishing House (May 1993)
    ISBN: 083419726X

  • Team Terrificus - Lynn Hayden
    Dancing for Him Ministries
    • **** (Lori Mroz)
      Lots of dance team tips and techniques, coupled with the fruit of the Spirit for both leaders' and members' success. Whether you are a dance team leader (wanting helpful management tips) or a team member (wanting to be a great team player), this booklet is for you.

  • The Arts in Your Church: A practical guide - Fiona Bond
    Piquant (July 2001)
    ISBN: 1-903689-00-7
    • ***** (Elria Kwant)
      "really sensible, balanced and practical . . . I would certainly buy it and make use of it. Fiona writes clearly, without fuss, and has a lot of experience" (Meryl Doney, The Hayward Gallery)

  • What to Do With the Second Shepherd on the Left - Deborah Craig-Claar
    Lillenas Publishing Company (February 1992)
    ISBN: 0685685586

    Music Instruction

  • The Musician's Guide to Reading and Writing Music - Dave Stewart
    Miller Freeman Books, 2nd edition (April 28, 1999)
    ISBN: 0879305703
    • ***** (Kim Gentes)
      Easily the BEST music theory book for those who know very little theory. Intensely formally trained musicians will balk at this book, but "garage band" musicians will love it. Covers four main areas: Notation, Rhythm, Chords (4 sections), and Writing Music. This is not written as a Christian book, just a music theory book. It is tremendously helpful for musicians with gift and abilities, but little formal musical training. It gives the basics in EXCELLENT format (simple and straight forward) and style (humorous). Kind of like reading a music book written by David Letterman.


  • Composing Music: A New Approach - William Russo, Jeffrey Ainis, David Stevenson, Jeffrey Aines
    University of Chicago Press, Reprint edition (December 1988)
    ISBN: 0226732169

  • How to Make a Good Song a Hit Song - Molly-Ann Leikin
    Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation (reissue edition, March 1996)
    ISBN: 0793550041

  • How to Write a Hit Song - Molly-Ann Leikin
    Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation (November 1989)
    ISBN: 0881888818

  • Managing Lyric Structure - Pat Pattison
    Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation (February 1992)
    ISBN: 0793511801

  • Rhyming Techniques Strategies - Pat Pattison
    Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation (February 1992)
    ISBN: 079351181X

  • Songwriting: A Complete Guide to the Craft - Stephen Citron
    Limelight Editions (reprint edition, April 1990)
    ISBN: 0879101377

  • The Craft and Business of Songwriting - John Braheny
    Writers Digest Books (April 1995)
    ISBN: 0898796539

  • The Craft of Lyric Writing - Sheila Davis
    Writers Digest Books (April 1985)
    ISBN: 0898791499

  • Writing Better Lyrics - Pat Pattison
    Writers Digest Books (September 1995)
    ISBN: 0898796822

  • Writing Music for Hit Songs - Jai Josefs
    Music Sales Ltd (2nd edition, August 1996)
    ISBN: 0028646789


  • Favorite Christmas Carols - Charles J. Cofone (Editor)
    Dover Publications Inc., New York, NY (1975)
    ISBN: 0486204456
    • *** (Darcy L. Watkins)
      It has guitar chords AND piano arrangements for 34 carols which makes it good for "jamming" at Christmas parties as well as for churches with musicians who don't sight read.

  • In Straw And Story - Joyce Miller
    Brethren Press, Elgin, IL (1977)
    ISBN: 0871784181
    • *** (Charles Wolff)
      A general purpose Christmas resource book. There are sections on Family and Church Celebrations for Advent; Songs of Christmas (about 15 songs, mostly not the traditional Christmas songs); Prayers, Litanies and Invocations; Plays and Cantatas; International Celebrations; and Christmas Crafts. The Plays and Cantatas section includes five dramas, some with (simple) music; they look like they'd range from about 5 minutes to about half an hour... there are patterns for banners, ideas, all sorts of stuff that looks like it would be good for somebody faced with "what are we going to do at church this year for Christmas?" Anyway, if you're looking for Christmas resources, a buck for this book is a pretty good deal.

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