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Articles and Books (18)
A collection of helpful articles focusing on worship or worship related activities.
Arts in Worship (41)
Companies and Ministries dedicated to the advancement of the arts in worship.
Churches (9)
Churches with worship related information or who have produced a CD of their worship.
Commercial Services (17)
Organizations or individuals providing services to facilitate those involved in worship ministry.
Discussion Groups (7)
Discussion groups devoted to the discussion of worship or worship related topics.
Events Conferences and Training (14)
Worship related events taking place around the globe.
General Resources (29)
Sites designed to provide a wide variety of assistance and information(including articles, products, links, etc) to those leading or participating in various aspects of worship ministry.
MIDI and Music Files (32)
Sites offering a variety of MIDI or MP3 files for use in public or private worship.
Ministries and Musicians (79) new
Links to worship related ministries and musicians from around the world. This section includes bands selling independent CDs.
Music Administration and Copyrights (3)
Helpful sites specializing in copyright and licensing issues.
Organizations (8)
Products (78) new
A comprehensive list of sites providing a large variety of worship-related products.
Radio and Internet Radio (8) new
Broadcasting praise and worship music around the world on the web or locally via radio frequencies.
Resources for Guitarists (11)
Resources for Keyboardists (2)
Resources for Songwriters (4)
Web Rings (1)
Web rings dedicated to facilitating communication and dissemination of worship related information and materials on the world wide web.
Worship Music Publishers (2) new

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