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WRC Email Forum - List Guidelines


We are based on the foundation of Jesus Christ and His command to worship the Lord your God with all your heart , and all your mind , and all your strength. We are operating to see that every person who wants to follow His command has any resources they are in need of to worship Him. If you are uncertain as to the vision of the list, you can view it on the Christian Worship Discussion List WWW Site.

The VISION of the worship list is for followers of Jesus Christ to build up and encourage each other toward becoming and being the people Jesus mentions in John 4:23 through the sharing of overall vision, questions, specific problems, experiences, testimonies and practical suggestions. This should generate questions and discussion from all who are interested in growing closer to Jesus by learning more about worship.

While worship is not limited to music, it does seem to be the focus of most subscribers. We also see worship expressed through dance, poetry, visual arts and other creative genres.

  1. What can I post to the list?
  2. What about prayer requests?
  3. What about advertising?
  4. What about cross posting?
  5. Is there any etiquette I should follow?
  6. How do I post messages to the list?
  7. What if I have other questions?
  8. Who runs this list?

What can you post to the list?

The topic of worship is incredibly expansive. Here are a few topics which would fall within the scope of this list: worship music, instruments and equipment (including sound systems), worship leading and ministry, worship theology, heart issues and experiences related to worship, worship humor, and so on.

Please do not make any of the following posts to the list:

(1) Off topic postings. (If you find yourself starting off your message saying, "I know this is off-topic but..." then this is a message that should not be sent to the list!)

(2) Theological postings not directly related to worship.

(3) Virus warnings (send these directly to worship-help at if you are concerned about a virus.)

(4) Unkind or inflammatory posts. Disagreement over issues is fine, but please discuss these differences in a Christ-like manner.

(5) Violations of copyright laws. Do not reprint entire songs in your posts (unless you are certain it is in the public domain). Copyright laws are being violated when you do this. The copyright laws allow you to quote portions of lyrics so long as you provide the source and do not include an excessive amount of the original song in your post. A good rule of thumb is not to quote more than 50% of a song. In addition please refrain from posting the URLs of sites containing lyrics/chords of songs unless the site is authorized by the copyright holder.

Please follow these posting guidelines. The advisors to the list will be tracking violations of the guidelines and you will be notified of such violations. Three violations may result in your suspension from the list.

What About Prayer Requests?

Like all other posts to the list, prayer requests should be related to worship in some way. The following kinds of prayer requests are appropriate for this list:

(1) requests directly related to one's own worship ministry

(2) requests related to worship outreaches or events

(3) requests related to well-known individuals in the worship community

Please do not post other personal prayer requests to the list. The only exception would be serious requests for a list member or their immediate family. By "serious" we mean life and death situations.

What About Advertising?

We do want members to be aware of services and products that are worship-related and of potential benefit to subscribers. On the other hand, we do not want the list to be cluttered with advertising or to be misused by list members. Therefore, "commercial" messages from subscribers can be posted to the list a maximum of one time per month. The products/services should be worship-related and of benefit to our subscribers. These posts should be informational only (no "hard sell" advertising) and of reasonable length. Commercial content in email signatures is allowed if it does not exceed four lines.

What about Cross Posting?

If you are sending your post to more than one list, be sure to send the post to each list separately. Do not include addresses of other lists in the address line of posts sent to the worship list. This causes an assortment of problems when someone from another list tries to reply to your post.

Is There Any Email Etiquette I Should Follow?

Please follow basic email etiquette. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

(1) Do not quote the entire contents of a message in your reply to the list. Do include just enough of a quote to let the readers know what you are responding to. A few lines should be enough.

(2) Before responding to a message, ask yourself if the message should be sent to the entire list, or if it is best directed privately. If your message is of a personal nature and/or does not further the discussion of worship, then it should be sent privately rather than publicly.

(3) Do not send "amen" posts.. Messages which say nothing but "amen," "me too," "I agree" and so on simply clutter the list. These messages can and should be sent directly to the person with whom you are agreeing.

(4) Do not send your messages in HTML or RTF format (this includes the stationery option in many mail programs.) Do not send any attachments (including V-cards). The list processor is programmed to reject messages in any format other than plain text. It will also reject messages with attachments. These messages will not go through to the list.

 How do I Post Messages to the List?

To post messages to this list send your email to:

worship at

You must send your messages from the address at which you are subscribed.

It would be good to introduce yourself in your first message. You might want to include your name, age, occupation, where you live , what church you belong to, your involvement in worship ministry, and why you joined the group.

Any Other Questions?

If you have any questions about the list, appropriate topics for discussion, or problems with your subscription contact us at worship-help at

You can find out more about the list by visiting the Worship Resource Center at :

You can find past postings (archive) to the list at :

 Who Runs This List?

The list is financially sponsored by Kim Gentes, who originally founded the list. You can find a great number of free download resources at our sponsor's site:

The list is operated, maintained and facilitated by a group of volunteer advisors from a cross-section of Christian denominations. The list is "advised" rather than "moderated." This means that posts are sent to the list without being screened.This makes it very important that everyone follow the guidelines. The advisors to the list are responsible for keeping the discussion focused on worship, and will contact subscribers who violate the list guidelines

There is also a group of administrators that are here to take care of any problems that you may have with your subscription (receiving or sending mail, etc.) Please note that any address that bounces mail will be unsubscribed. If you don't receive any mail from the list for a while please contact us at: worship-help at


Welcome to the list! We hope to hear from you soon!


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